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Name:Sierra Sidney Hamilton
Birthdate:Dec 31
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:★ dream like new york

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Sierra is the youngest of two daughters born to Georgette and Russo Hamilton. She is eight years younger than her big sister, Natasha, but they were still very close siblings. Georgette Hamilton was born and raised in Las Angeles, California, and was a model from her teens into her early thirties, which is when she finally decided to retire, get married, and have children. After a whirlwind and much gossiped about romance with fashion designer, Russo Hamilton, he proposed to her after her final catwalk run in Milan and they were married three days later. No one thought it would last, but they are still together to this day and very proud of both their daughters.

However, where Natasha (who came out as a lesbian when she was in college) was a hard-headed, ambitious and determined to succeed in the business world like her father, Sierra was more like their mother. She was a real girly-girl, a pageant princess (until she threw a tantrum on stage when she was 7 and never wanted to do another pageant again) and dreamt of following in her mother's footsteps as a model. However, it was the pressure to do just that which lead her to having a severe eating disorder through most of her high school years. She battled bulimia right to her senior year and it went unnoticed due to the fact she occasionally overcame it, but always fell off the wagon all over again. Her parents had relocated to New York right after their mom retired from modelling, so both girls were raised in the New York fashion scene and Sierra was signed to one of the top modelling agencies in New York when she was just 16, despite her secret battle with bulimia.

It was Natasha (known as Tasha to her family and friends), that realised what was wrong with her little sister once Sierra finished high school. With her modelling career now booming, both on the catwalk and in print, the battle to remain stick-thin was fierce and one she was losing. Once Tasha confronted her, she had no choice but to take a leave of absence from her modelling career to attend a rehabilitation facility to overcome the eating disorder. It was a nightmare, and something that nearly tore her down entirely, but with her family's support, she came out more determined than ever to be a success.

She is now an internationally known model with supermodel status, known simple as Sierra. She has modelled for many of the top fashion labels, and graced the cover of many fashion magazines. However, she knew her modelling career was never going to last forever. In the wake of her fight to beat bulimia, she came out with a desire to help others with the same struggle and enrolled in a distance education course to study psychology. Now nearing her 22nd birthday, she is in her second year of college and hopes to become a counsellor for young people with eating disorders once her modelling career begins to come to an end. Unfortunately, it's not a career that lasts, and she never forgot that.

The hardest ordeal she faced of her life wasn't her eating disorder, though. Just after her 21st birthday, Tasha found a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sierra felt like her whole world was falling apart, and she was by her sister's side during the diagnosis and entire treatment. Thankfully, Tasha never needed mastectomy. She had the lump removed and after some chemo and radiation therapy, she was soon cleared and told she was in remission. Sierra would never forget how much she and her sister cried in each other's arms that night out of sheer relief. Sierra now also plans to use her status as psychologist once she graduates to work on a program aimed at helping young girls with understanding to check out for potential breast cancer risk factors and how to take care of their bodies healthily and respectfully to maximise their life potential.

Tashsa is now fighting fit and well, her hair grown back after her treatment and just resuming her post as Director of Marketing with FABULOUS fashion magazine, owned by Paris and Gen Hart. Sierra's BFF in the whole world is Ireland-born, Corey Fitzpatrick, they went right through school together from nursery to high school, and have been friends the entire duration. Sierra and Tasha both adore Corey, and are close with his New York-based family members. Sierra is one of the only people Corey has truly offloaded his ordeal of witnessing his grandparents death, and they have bonded over the struggle that is the burden of a mental illness together.

She spent the last two months living in Milan and Paris for work, but now she is back home in New York. She is currently single, but somewhat classifies herself as looking. It would just have to be someone pretty special willing to take on the lifestyle she has and realise she comes as a package deal with her cute Irish BFF, like it or lump it.

★ Sierra's modelling portfolio can be found HERE

Sierra is an original character for the PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
For RP and muse writing purposes only. No infringement intended. PB is Margot Robbie, who belongs to herself.

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